Of Love and Lies pt 3

Love is a truce; a promise not to hurt each other

Your husband will be nothing like me
He’ll be a six foot retarded philistine
With no love for poetry
That’s how I know you’ll miss me
See I’m philosophical
I can make kissing me feel ecumenical
I touch your heart before I touch your skin
I conquer your soul before your body
I am a feminine man.
He’ll be a masculine woman
Scared of opening his heart
Beneath the sheets, He’ll compensate for his weakness
by ripping you apart
He’ll go hard, harder than you wanted
He’ll go hard, all forward no play
Groan, snore beside you all night
Then resume the going in the morning
He won’t even remember to pray
His feet will smell at the end of the day
He’ll be rude just like you wanted
Sweetly Violent at night,
Painfully violent when you fight
He’ll scream like a woman,
And punch you when you outshout him
And you’ll miss slow sweet easy me
You’ll miss me, like you miss childhood naivety
Sore and lonely you’ll contemplate promiscuity
But that’s when you’ll realise you don’t love me
You didn’t love me,


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